The Cloud of Unknowing

Today after a rather long gap God led me forward another step. My spiritual walk seemed to have slowed down and I was not hearing God speak to me or I could not hear his guidance.

I am to understand that I need to seek Jesus and only him. I have been distracted by my plans for a biking trip and I realize now that I should only have Jesus before me. I was under the impression Jesus wanted me to stop buying things or he wanted me to give up the things I love, but I was told clearly today that I need to focus on Jesus only and not get attracted to material things. This attraction is blocking my communication with my God. I need to be with Jesus in this cloud of unknowing just him and me, as he wants to spend time with me. I look forward to the next time he speaks. Till then I am in the cloud.

Can I do this? Can I switch off these things? I am not sure but I am going to give it a try…..