What do I seek?

Why do I pray like this? and what do I have after all this prayer?  It’s a question I have asked myself over the last few years, I have seen quite a few things happen in my life and have wondered why I believe in God, and why do I continue to follow him in spite of what I see.

I seek God, It is the God that made me, and bought me, and has graciously called me by name. It is this God I covert, it’s this God I seek. I am not an intellectual person, nor am I a spiritually gifted person, but I know my God, I know if I listen to him and hear him, He will take me lower and lower till I see the mind of his passion. Till I see the wonderful kindness of God.

I know my search for God from now on will now be a seeking of Love, in prayer I will overcome the unknown, and with a single word I will answer any distraction and unknowing.

I will one day see the face of God.