Meekness and what it is as a Christian.

It’s been quite interesting studying the cloud of unknowing. The thirteenth chapter talks about Meekness.

The interesting part for me is learning that there are two types of meekness. The first is when meekness is caused by anything other than God. And the second is when it is caused by God.

The first is imperfect and shall fail at the end of our lives nevertheless this is good. The second is perfect and shall last without end.

Now what do we mean by meekness?

Meekness is the knowing and feeling of ourself just as we are.

There are two things that cause this kind of meekness.

1. The filth, wretchedness and frailty into which we have fallen through sin. We will feel this in some part while we live.

2. The over abundant love and worthiness of God in himself. And that it is not possible as we are to behold this nature of God directly.

Now God asks me where do I stand in regard to meekness in my life. There is a long way to go for me a journey I am beginning to get excited about, the more I learn about my God.