My God is faithful.

This post is the answer to a prayer I had made regarding my job. I have mentioned the circumstances in the first post of this blog.

Once upon a time, way back in 2001, there was a young man starting his career in networking. We met at my office, he was there to fulfill a network project needing implementation in my office. What I didn’t know at that time was the role God had for him in my life. We spent a lot of time together due to the project. I used to share with him some principles of life that had helped me cope with difficult circumstances. After I changed my job in 2008 I lost contact with my friend, as I started this new phase in life.

After a couple of years went by I started praying for a new job since I was beginning to feel uncomfortable in the job I was doing. I told myself, God would have to provide me the job and convince me it was him, if he did not do this, then I decided that I would stay in the current job till he did convince me that it was him getting me the job. I didn’t want to change my job just because I was uncomfortable. The years went by in the same job till I was approaching my tenth year of service. It was then that I lost my job. I took this loss as an answer to my prayer for a change in job.

Now the problem with this was, when I got a new job, that job had to be from Jesus. I had to know it was him giving me the job as I believed my loosing my job was an answer to my prayer. Getting myself a job by circulating my CV was not what I concidered Devine intervention.

It has been eight months since I have lost my job and eight months of waiting on my God. During this time I had to answer a lot of questions from well meaning people as to why I was not just applying and using the talents God had given me. Many could not understand waiting on God for a job, here I was not showing any inclination of moving my backside to get a new job. I never ran around applying to everything that suited my profile. In my heart I knew God will give me the job or would provide for me till I got one. I was even ready to accept not having a job.

Jesus never fails.

In the time I waited I was able to clear every loan I had, including my home loan this in spite of not having a job.

Then out of the blue last week I get a call from the friend I mentioned earlier. He now had a business of his own. He told me that he had been dreaming of me for two days and had to call me. When he heard I had lost my job he was even happier as he said he had wanted me to work in his company for a long time.

Now I have a job and the choice of what I want to work in. I was told come choose what I wanted to contribute to the company and do what I was comfortable with. An offer very rare.

Just send up a prayer thanking this God I serve for he is faithful and gives us more than we can ask for.

God is not in your mind.

Rom 12:2  Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may prove what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

Some time back while praying. This verse spoke to me with reference to some obstacle I would come across in the days to come. The obstacle arrived and I was at peace.

For a long time I have been convinced that, its not my mind that would communicate with God, yes my mind was part of me and would have a role to play in my salvation, but its contribution would only be part I would also need to control it.

A good example of what is the role of the mind. When you go to a restaurant and order a meal your mind would choose the dishes you like by reading the menu and knowing from past choices what you would like. However, when the food arrives and you put it into your mouth your mind has no more role to play, the eating and digestion is taken care of by your mouth and other internal organs. In the same way with prayer and your relationship with God, your mind will read and interpret things for you but there are other parts of you that will process what your mind tells you. God can also directly speak to you without your mind.

However quite often my mind works more than it should. It always wants to offer me solutions and fixes for things it can never understand. So much so it exceeds itself. My mind offers me alternative solutions and alternate solutions to the alternative solutions, sometimes for variations on the problem I face. I may not be going through the alternative problems but my mind tells me to be prepared just in case I need a solution. To do this It presents to me all the combinations for the problem and what I can do just in case I need solutions.

So, if I have a disagreement with someone, my mind will tell me all the options I have, If the person I have a disagreement with says something I can give a him or her a specific answer, or if he or she says the something else I can still answer that with an answer from the alternative solutions my mind has prepared me for, I may even be thrilled with the answer my mind came up with.

Today’s reading was from Luke about Zechariah and Elizabeth and the visit of Gabriel with Zechariah.

In Luk 1:18 we find Zechariah answer the angle like this

Luk 1:18  And Zechariah said to the angel, “How shall I know this? For I am an old man, and my wife is advanced in years.” 

You see Zechariah was just like me, he thought things out and got himself into trouble.

Luk 1:20  And behold, you will be silent and unable to speak until the day that these things come to pass, because you did not believe my words, which will be fulfilled in their time.” 

My mind like Zechariah’s mind it likes to understand everything I am told when all that is needed is faith, my mind does not believe in faith, it believes in logic.

I ask myself can my mind get me to heaven and I know without doubt that this will never happen because I do not have the logic needed, programmed into my mind. Also since my mind does not work on faith I doubt it would understand any angel, good or bad or even when God speaks to me.

Now you may wonder what could be bad in thinking things over. There is nothing bad except my mind takes my eyes off Jesus, and when that happens there is a high chance I may mess things up by doing something logical.

For example, when I lost my job two months back, one of the things Jesus told me was not to brood over what has happen, in other words, don’t let my mind dwell on the situation. If I brood I will end up in problems as I will not trust that my God will provide for me.

Another area is in forgiveness, when I analyze the situation when I disagree with someone, I invariably feel I am right, also my mind will convince me that If I did not do what I did or should do then something else would have happened, and I would have to react another way which would cause me more problems. To avoid the multiple problems my mind brings to light I would consider all the options my mind tells me about the person I am dealing with. I would then face him or her with the current problem and other hypothetical problems conjured up by my mind, I am sure you can understand the results. I know I will never be at peace. I have learned not to give my mind an option to analyze things, I just take the situation as it is forgive if needed and move on, I no longer permit the situation to stay in my mind I make sure my mind leaves the thought as well. I have found a lot of peace when I do this.

I feel we have lost the ability to identify Angels when they come to speak to us because we use our minds, I intend to try to learn what inside me can understand these things, I know my God is faithful and will lead me, till then I continue to wait on him.